CloudWorkspace | Desktop as a Service


Whether you are a startup, have a distributed workforce, want to minimize your IT infrastructure, Neuwest’s CloudWorkspace Desktop as a Service can put your computing infrastructure in the cloud, run all of your applications and provide your users the same secure desktop experience whether in the office, at home or on the go, with ease.

Readily enable your workforce (local or global) to have secure access to business-critical Windows apps and company data from any device to ensure their continuous productivity from any location.

Cost control tools for optimizing cloud resource demands: automatically power VMs on and off as needed to match end-user demand, or even schedule VM uptime in advance based on pre-set schedules.

If you’re going to allow your employees to work from home (or anywhere), make sure they are accessing their company data securely. Prevent an unwanted data breach by keeping sensitive data in the cloud, while allowing employees to work from any device.