Skyrocket Productivity with Workforce Analytics Software

Gain insights that help empower your people, increase productivity, reduce risk, and spark healthy work habits.

ActivTrak is a leading workforce analytics and productivity software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform that provides data-driven insights through intuitive reports and dashboards to improve workforce productivity and operational efficiency.


  • Track productivity trends across teams and individuals
  • Assess focus and engagement for remote and in-office teams
  • Identify and resolve workflow bottlenecks
  • Get alerted to corporate policy exceptions
  • Enable managers to be rock-star coaches to employees

How ActivTrak Works

ActivTrak delivers deep analytics and insights to help measure and optimize productivity across people, process and technology. Our secure and efficient data collection and delivery process works to deliver immediate visibility and advanced analytics while keeping your data protected, encrypted and private.


A diagram showing the ActivTrak platform and how it works with the ActivTrak intelligent agent network.


A diagram showing starter templates, direct data access via SQL, and Webhooks.

The Agent collects your data

Our agent is a robust piece of software with a low system profile. Each ActivTrak account has its own uniquely coded agent which does the following:

  • Collects data and executes responses to user activity while running in the background.
  • Senses mouse and keyboard movement in the active window(s) of the monitored user’s computer.
  • Contains encrypted details about where it should send data back to your ActivTrak account.
  • During offline periods, the agent stores all data locally and reports it back to the cloud when a secure connection is re-established.
A man wearing glasses, sitting in front of a laptop, holding a tablet in one hand and a clipboard in the other.

The Database aggregates all your data

Data is collected and sent through a secure channel to a set of backend servers in Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

  • All of your collected data is stored in an individually dedicated ActivTrak Database – optimized to provide lightning-fast search results.
  • The Database aggregates the data exactly the way the user requests to quickly return the results to display.
  • The Database produces account and team benchmarks to help establish activity and productivity baselines.
  • Our data analytics enrichment identifies patterns and outliers to derive insights and improvement opportunities.
  • The Database dynamically scales to process very large amounts of data quickly, providing quick responses.

The Application delivers your analysis and insights

View and analyze all of the data insights collected by your Agents in an easy-to-use UI full of graphical dashboards and reports.

  • Get clear insights displayed in intuitive dashboards versus viewing raw data in a database or spreadsheet.
  • Identify actionable insights to improve performance and ensure healthy work habits.
  • Enable a culture of continuous improvement through goal setting & tracking.
  • Easily configure account settings, set up alarms and schedules, invite team members and customize ActivTrak.
  • AI-driven algorithms such as auto-classification of digital activities help ensure the effectiveness of data collection and enrichment.


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